About Riptide

On Thursday of last week I flew to Toronto to lock myself in a hotel room for four days and work on my two upcoming books, both of which were scheduled to be published by Riptide this year. I was excited to get away from all distractions and just focus on writing and editing.

But, of course, during those four days, all hell broke lose in the LGBTQ romance biz, and some very upsetting things were revealed about people who worked for Riptide.

It's hard to not feel devastated. I have long been a fan of Riptide and their books, and I, like so many others, had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. I was extremely pumped to have signed not one, but TWO contracts with them for my books. It was a family I was proud to join.

So it is with a very heavy heart that I have asked Riptide to release me from my contracts.

My dealings, personally, with Riptide have only been positive. They were only professional and supportive with me over the past few months. My editor, Caz, was especially awesome and she definitely made Game Changer leagues better than it was. Wherever the book ends up, I want to make it clear that her editing was fantastic and led to some significant changes in the manuscript that I am grateful for.

That said, I have decided that I can't stay with Riptide.

Game Changer is the first book in what I have planned to be a four book m/m hockey romance series. It had a planned release date of July 9. The second book (tentatively titled Heated Rivalry), was scheduled for release with Riptide in December of this year. I am hoping to find a new home for the series ASAP, or I will self-publish. My husband happens to be a professional book designer, so I definitely have an advantage there. I'm not sure I have the time on my hands that I would need to promote and market a self-published book, though. I'll look at all of my options.

The last thing I want to say is that I am sad not only because my publishing dreams have been bruised, but because I truly loved the idea of Riptide as a publisher. They published a lot of books that I truly love. I was so impressed with their diverse catalogue. I know there are other LGBTQ romance publishers, and I am sure new ones will emerge to fulfill the need for these stories to be told. I also sincerely hope that Riptide themselves can regain the trust of the community, and rebuild.

But mostly I hope that the world will one day be able to read my mushy stories about big ol' hockey players falling in love. Because I really love writing them.