I like to write cute smut about hockey players and other people.

I like to write cute smut about
hockey players and other people.

Mostly about hockey players though.

Hello! This is the official website for romance author Rachel Reid!

Here are three facts about me:

1. Rachel Reid is a PEN NAME(!!!!);
2. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have ALWAYS lived in Nova Scotia, Canada;
3. I love hot men and cool ladies.

I am SUPER excited to have my very first novel, Game Changer, published by Riptide Publishing! I'll have lots more info about that soon, but it should be coming out sometime in 2018!

In the meantime, here is a synopsis:

Scott Hunter is the superstar captain of the New York Rangers hockey team. He has lived his entire adult life in the spotlight—and in the closet. After a chance decision to stop into a smoothie shop in his Manhattan neighborhood following a run, he meets—and is immediately charmed by—the cute guy behind the counter. That guy is Kip Grady, an underemployed college grad who would never in a million years think he had a shot with the rich and famous Scott Hunter. Scott returns to the smoothie shop every game day, telling Kip, and himself, that he likes to stick to routine when he’s playing well. The chemistry between them is immediate and undeniable, and finally Scott lets Kip know that he’s interested, and invites him to his penthouse. They begin a passionate, secret relationship full of red-hot sex and sweet romance. But how long can Kip be Scott’s secret? And how big a risk is Scott willing to take for Kip?



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