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Merry Christmas, Scott & Kip!
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I have written a little festive epilogue to Game Changer! And guess what? It’s free! It’s my holiday gift to you! Join Scott and Kip as they spend their first Christmas together at Kip’s parents’ house in Brooklyn.

You can download the ePub file right here, right now! Huge thanks to my wonderful husband, Matt, for his book designing skills. This was a super rush job and I appreciate it!


The Game Changers series will continue in March with book two: Heated Rivalry. This will be Ilya Rozanov’s story, and there will be cameo appearances by Scott and Carter Vaughan. I plan on taking the series back to New York for the fourth book in the series, so there will be more of Scott and Kip and the gang from Game Changer in that one.

Thank you to everyone who read Game Changer ! It was so exciting to see my first book get published this year and I am really touched by all the kind words people shared about it. They are all very much appreciated. I can’t wait for Heated Rivalry to be released, and I hope you love Ilya and Shane as much as I do!

BTW - if you are looking for a designer for your book—interior, cover, or both—Matt has been a book designer for ten years and does amazing work (you should see what he does when he’s actually given more than a few hours to throw something together!). He needs to update his website (cough cough) but you can find his contact info and some (OLD) examples of his work at

One Week Until Game Changer!
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Game Changer is out one week from today!

In some ways, it feels like this book has been out for months. At the same time, I can’t believe the release date is finally almost here!

It has been a long road to get to October 22. I wrote Game Changer in secret for over a year. Actually, I wrote the first few chapters, walked away from it for a year, almost deleted it, THEN wrote the rest of it in secret for over a year.

Most of it was written in the dark on my iPad, when I was able to steal a few minutes while waiting for my sons to fall asleep. Because I had zero confidence about my writing abilities, I decided to write a fan fiction version and posted it one chapter at a time on ao3. I was blown away by the support the story got there. Although I wouldn’t do it again for various reasons, I don’t regret sharing Game Changer as fan fiction first because it gave me the confidence I needed to show it to publishers. Also, I was able to get lots of helpful feedback from hundreds of readers! I am very appreciative to everyone who read and commented on ao3.

The final version of Game Changer is very different from what was posted on ao3. It’s very different from the first manuscript I sent to publishers. It’s very different from the second manuscript I sent to publishers. It has been through so many changes and it wouldn’t be even close to the book it is without the fantastic editing by both Caz Galloway at Riptide, and later MacKenzie Walton at Carina Press. I learned a lot during this entire process, and I think I am a stronger writer now thanks to both of them.

With Game Changer, I wanted to write a cute, funny romance with lots of heat, but also explore the very real problem of homophobia in hockey culture. The Game Changers series will continue that, by checking in on players throughout the league in the aftermath of this first book.

Because I am a new author, I will let you know what you can always expect from me:

  • humour;

  • lots of dialogue;

  • low angst;

  • high heat;

  • a Spotify playlist.

And, of course, very happy endings.

Game Changer Cover.jpg

I am going to be having a local (Halifax) book launch party for Game Changer on November 8. I will post details about that soon. Because Game Changer is mostly an ebook (I will have a limited number of print copies), it’s going to be sort of a weird book launch, but I think it will be fun!

Game Changer is out Monday, October 22 from Carina Press, and you can buy it wherever you prefer to buy ebooks. I hope you all love Scott and Kip! I am excited for you to meet them!